S-Blend Cluster Reduction Minimal Pairs

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by Coyle's Communication

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Subjects: games,speech,phonology

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Description: ⭐Click /d/ & /st/ for the preview cards ⭐ This deck targets the phonological process of cluster reduction in S-blends ⭐ 6 Minimal Pair Cards for each sound contrast ⭐ 12 different sound contrasts for a total of 72 minimal pairs ⭐ Record yourself with the Voice Recorder on each minimal pair card. ⭐ /st/ is contrasted with /s, t, d/ ⭐ /sp/ is contrasted with /p/ ⭐ /sw/ is contrasted with /w, f/ ⭐ /sl/ is contrasted with /s, l, w, f/ ⭐ /sn/ is contrasted with /n/ ⭐ /sk/ is contrasted with /k/ 💕 Memory Game for each contrast pair (12 memory games in all) 🎲 Board Game with pawns for 2-4 players (12 s-blend board games)