OR, ORE, AR and ER Practice

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by High Hopes

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Subjects: ela,reading,litReadingComprehension,elaLanguage,games,valentinesDay

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Description: Our English Spelling System can appear as a complicated series of letters without patterns or a reason behind them. However, it is quite the opposite. Each of our BOOM card lessons follow the Barton Reading and Spelling System explaining the very specific rules in which our words are put together and read. We give your student the How and Why of each of the English spelling and reading rules with beautiful graphics, a variety of engaging games, and reinforcement activities sure to give your student the support they may need to be better spellers, readers, and writers. In this set of 33 digital task cards we focus on OR, AR, ER, and ORE. Vowel-R's can be tricky to teach and learn. Plenty of practice and reinforcement is required to master this skill. With three games, a cute heart theme, and the ability to listen to the directions and words to be spelled, this lesson is charming, delightful, and engaging, The first task a student listen to the word then decides which sound the Vowel-R made. The next game the student looks and listens to a picture, then drags and drops the correct Vowel-R to complete the word. In the final exercise, a student looks and listens to a picture and then spells the word in the box. These task cards align with Barton Reading and Spelling Book 7 Lesson 5.