Place Value - Tens and Ones - 2 Digit Numbers

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by Games 4 Learning

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Subjects: math,mathElementary,placeValue,baseTen

Grades: 1,2

Description: Math Boom Cards for Place Value with 2 Digit Numbers This place value math BOOM cards deck is for numbers to 99. The focus of this set is recognising the number of tens and ones in 2 digit numbers and identifying a 2 digit number when given the number of tens and ones. It includes 30 cards. There are 3 different activities included with 10 cards for each. The activities are: - given a number of tens and ones, students identify the number - given a number, students identify the number of tens and ones - selecting which of the numbers have the given number of tens or ones, e.g. which of these numbers have 3 in the tens place? This activity assists students to understand place value. They are required to identify numbers represented in different ways and they represent numbers in different ways. They are self-correcting cards. There are 30 cards with 10 of each of the above activities. These are set to play all 30 cards. These place value BOOM Cards are suggested for first and second grade. They are a fun math activity for place value review of tens and ones. ***BUY A BUNDLE AND SAVE*** This deck is also available in a money saving bundle with 5 Place Value Decks for 2 Digit Numbers. See the BUNDLE at -