CAS/Apraxia: Moveable parts Bisyllable words (2nd syllable p

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by Hairy Mary

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Subjects: apraxia,articulation,phonology,specialed,communicationSkills

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Description: Speech Sound Disorder/Articulation therapy activity for clients/students presenting with a Speech Sound Disorder and/or CAS (Childhood Apraxia of Speech). 29 target words: First: CV-CV units (phonetic spelling to create nonsense words e.g. "go tee", "ha pea"). Second: matching target words are then presented as real CVCV words (e.g. "ha pea" becomes "happy"). The second syllable of nonsense or real words are either "pea", "knee" or "tea" CV syllables (e.g. "happy", "puppy", "beanie", "tiny", or "bootie"). GAME: Target word images are linked to moveable parts for your client/student to play with. For example, they can can give a dog some toys, water the plants, dress up some animals, feed a boy etc. This presents an opportunity for extra drilling practice of the target word or to generalise speech skills within a secondary task. I created this task for a client who was already able to produce one syllable CV, VC and CVC words well. He was also able to produce reduplicated syllables, for example, "bee bee" but was not able to accurately produce the second syllable when that was different to the first syllable, for example, "bee knee." Let's face it - you need to do a lot of drilling to bring about significant changes in a CAS client/student's speech skills and so I wanted to create a task that was fun so the client would be happy to repeat the activity over multiple therapy sessions. ALSO FOR SALE: magic light game. COMING SOON: board game