Camping Early Language Activities for Speech Therapy

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by Speechie Adventures

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Subjects: speech

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: This camping themed book companion is a perfect no prep, digital resource for camping & summer speech language therapy sessions. These Boom Cards include activities targeting vocabulary, pronouns, functions, prepositions, and more with preschool & early elementary students! Targets the following skills: 1. Nouns - Real pictures of camping themed nouns (e.g. s'more, bear, tent, etc.) - WH question visuals (who, what, where, when, why) included 2. Labeling Verbs - she is, he is, they are sentence strips included 3. Identification of Nouns - Find the target item in a field of 3 4. Functions - Find the target item in a field of 3 - e.g. Which one do you eat? 5. Superlatives Biggest & Smallest - e.g. Find the biggest flashlight. - Choose an answer from 3 choices 6. Prepositions - Interactive scenes with multiple opportunities to target prepositions - Under, on, in, in front, next to, behind, between - Sentence strips included 7. Pronouns - Subject pronouns he, she, they (singular & plural) - Object pronouns his, her - Sentence strips included 8. Open ended Feed the Camping Friends - Includes gif's - Sentence strips "I want __" and "eat the __" - Target requesting, sentence formulation, AAC, basic concepts 9. What's In the Backpack/Tent Activity - Target vocabulary, requesting, sentence formulation, AAC, basic concepts - Sentence strips "I see __", "I found __" 10. Expressing Opinion - I like __ - I don't like __ Questions: