Monster School Escape Room S and Z Articulation Game for Speech Therapy

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by Language Playroom

Price: 400 points or $4 USD

Subjects: games,speech,articulation

Grades: 0

Description: An interactive escape room with the familiar and functional topic of school with the fun and engaging addition of monsters! This deck features 135 target words throughout. All target sound words have visual supports with illustrations, emojis, and real photographs. With 15 rooms that have 5 hidden links each, this game has major replay value! Monster School Escape Room is an interactive Boom cards game in the style of an escape room. With multiple prompts, this deck is perfect for individual or group teletherapy. The activity contains complex cartoon images of school scenes, each one with 5 hidden links. Three of the links in each room send the student to a page with articulation target words. Each target word page has 3 words and can be adapted to word or sentence production based on individual needs. On each page, one hidden link leads to a dead end, and one leads to a monster. The winning reward page can only be accessed when all 15 monsters are asleep in their cots. If the student is unable to complete the task during their session, the reward page can be accessed by hitting the End key to navigate to the last card in the deck. The school theming of the game makes it perfect for back-to-school sessions as well as appropriate during any time of the year. Students with goals in articulation at the word, sentence, and conversation level will benefit from the fun of the activity and the creativity of open ended prompts.