FREE Valentine's Day Math for 2nd Grade | Addition & Subtraction to 1000

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by Miss Courtney's Crew _ Courtney Knobla

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Subjects: math

Grades: 1,2,3

Description: It's time for some Valentine's Themed FUN with this FREEBIE! Engage your 2nd graders by having them answer the story problems about love, kindness and Valentine's Day! They will be completing 6 activities to practice Addition & Subtraction With & Without Regrouping up to 1,000. Kids will build on their understanding of Place-Value while solving the story problems that are Read ALOUD! This is a perfect activity for math centers and digital distance learning! There are a variety of problems for kids to practice! >>There is 1 Instructional/Teaching Card & 6 Playing Cards ALL with AUDIO << 1. They will use place value blocks to type the sum. (add to problem without regrouping) 2. They will type the minuend and difference in the heart story problem (comparing without regrouping) 3. They will use the visual numbers bonds and drag & drop 1 (group of 10) to add 3 numbers together with regrouping. 4. They will type all the numbers including the regrouping numbers in the sweet treat story problem and click the sum. 5. They will use the /10 & /9 to help them subtract across zeros. 6. They will drag and drop the heart numbers to solve the subtraction with regrouping story problem about friendship cards. If you LOVE these, please check out my other decks and bundles. I created these based on what you will find in my other products! It covers 2nd grade Math Common Core Standards Check out the SCOOT (write the room) version of this deck in my TPT store: Engaged Little Learners