Basketball Articulation Game for March Speech Therapy

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by Green Tea Speech Therapy

Price: 250 points or $2.5 USD

Subjects: articulation

Grades: 13,1,2,3

Description: Celebrate March and basketball season in speech therapy with basketball articulation games! These spring articulation games eliminate prep for March speech therapy activities and are fantastic for quick artic & high trials. Perfect for teletherapy or large groups. All no prep! Save mental energy this March so you’re not passed out on the couch after work. Included in basketball articulation games: Articulation games for 19 phonemes + blends. Each phoneme is in mixed positions. Articulation targets in basketball articulation games: 7: B 8: P 9: T 10: D 11: K 12: G 13: M 14: N 15: F 16: V 17: S 18: Z 19: SH 20: CH 21: J 22: L 23: TH 25: Vocalic R 26: S blends 27: R blends 28: L Blends