A Tangram Winter Story w/ Audio

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by Wanda Ashby

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Subjects: art,math,ot,specialed

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: Tangrams are an important STEM skill. Tangrams teach kids about spatial relationships. They help kids learn geometric vocabulary, develop strong problem solving skills, and enhance creativity. This deck is a short story and features 20 winter themed tangrams. On each card, the story continues and the student is shown a black template so they can match the colored shapes to the template. The shapes can not be turned so they will fit perfectly as they are presented. Check out my other seasonal tangram decks in my store! Extra info. on tangrams: Tangrams were invented in China over 200 years ago. They are beneficial is brain flexibility and growth. The traditional Chinese puzzle (or tangram) is a square divided into seven pieces called Tans. The seven pieces include: one parallelogram, one small square and five triangles (2 large right triangles, 1 medium right triangle and 2 small right triangles). You solve the puzzle by arranging the pieces to match selected designs. Great for: ** Geometry Skills ** Visual-spatial skills ** Creativity