Rhyming Words: Winter Theme

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by Time2Learn

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: Winter Theme: Students will read the two words given (pictures paired with words) and decide if they rhyme or not. Students will select their answer by clicking on the green checkmark (yes) or red 'x' (no). There are 20 randomized cards in this deck. Word Pairs included: dice/ice, boots/shoes, bow/snow, cold/old, snowballs/snowflakes, plate/skate, bat/hat, gloves/mittens, lodge/igloo, chill/grill, snowsuit/snowman, freeze/skis, fireplace/chimney, sledding/skating, drawers/s'mores, penguin/polar bear, sweater/scarf, eat/sleet, cloud/loud, snow angel/snow shovel