Spatial Concepts Turkey Themed

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by Elite Tots

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Subjects: speech

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: Great activities for Zoom Therapy/Teletherapy Activities!! This deck targets identifying/naming, understanding/using spatial concepts (behind, in front, in, beside, between, below, above, under, on), following directions, negatives, descriptive words (tall, big, short, tiny) and the concept "different." Vocabulary: tree, leaves, pumpkin, hat, chimney, basket, cottage, squirrel, fence, and more! Cards 3-11 (Receptive Language) Spatial concept and sentence are written on the bottom of the page. Instruct child to click on the picture that matches the sentence.  Cards 12-20 (Receptive Language) Find and click on the picture to follow the direction.  Cards 21-29 (Expressive Language) Answer the where/which question using spatial concepts to describe where the picture is.  Cards 30-38 (Receptive Language) Follow the direction to find ALL the pictures! Card 39 (Expressive Language) Create fall scene and describe using spatial concepts!