Christmas Number Sequences

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by Jollymum

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Subjects: holiday,math,mathElementary,countingAndCardinality,counting,christmas

Grades: 1,2

Description: Looking for a simple deck to practice number sequences? Come and check out this deck. Students will identify the rule for their number sequence on each card. The sequences go forwards (add) or backwards (take away). The 'gaps' go from 1-10. Students will have to click if the 'added' or 'took away', and they have to fill in the blank box with the 'gap' (the number they added or subtracted). What you receive with your purchase: ➤ 100 unique cards ➤ 10 cards for every 'gap' ➤ 5 numbers on each card showing a number sequence ➤ numbers shown on Christmas stockings, Santa's bags, presents ➤ background is a simple Christmas paper ➤ I added/I took away are clickable and the 'gap' is a fill in the blank box Cards are set to random. Thanks for stopping by.