Math fun counting practice level 2 Which weighs more or less?

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by Christopher D. Morgan

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Subjects: math,speech

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: Math Fun 1 is an extensive range of fun and engaging math puzzle counting decks. Ideal for students who need to learn to count or to learn basic arithmetic such as addition and subtraction. There are dozens of decks in the series, along with many bundles. Meet Olliver the extraordinary owl, who just loves numbers and all things to do with math. Help Olliver by answering his questions. Olliver will introduce each deck and provide basic instructions. WHICH WEIGHS MORE/LESS In this deck, you must choose which which of the weights on the scales is either heaviest or lightest (or the same weight). This is a multiple-choice deck with 3 options to choose from. Decks in this series - 01 Count the number of colored - 02 Count the number of sides - 03 Count the number of crossed lines - 04 Count the number of semi-circles - 05 Count the number of triangles - 06 Add up the numbers - 07 Add up the numbers (in words) - 08 Count the blocks in the columns - 09 Which weighs more? (THIS ONE) - 10 Count the squares - 11 Sharing equally - 12 Next number in sequence - 13 Count the number of limbs - 14 Count the dots - 15 How many circles can you make? - 16 Find the correct number - 17 Count the cubes - 18 How much in coins? (available in US, UK, AU & CAN versions) - 19 Count the dots on the dice - 20 Count the things left - 21 Find the number on the number line - 22 How many equal parts - 23 Shape fractions Levels in this series: - Math Fun 1 - Math Fun 2 (THIS ONE) - Math Fun 3 - Math Fun 4