Health & Wellness Tobacco Use & Abuse Related Vocabulary

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by Creative Curriculum Connections

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Subjects: ela,sel,specialed

Grades: 8,9,10,11,12

Description: This vocabulary digital lesson pertains to terms relating to tobacco, understanding what it is, abuse of, and more! This is the second lesson of a three lesson unit on the substance of tobacco. Students will explore what tobacco is, why it can be bad for you, long and short-term effects, decision making and more! This unit in whole features multiple informational text passages, each with multiple choice comprehension questions to follow. There are so few resources out there for substance education for the special education population. Our students will face instances too, and they need to be prepared also! This provides the instruction in a safe and appropriate manner. Other lessons for this unit include informational text and comprehension and social scenarios with a review on good versus bad choices. Also see other units on other substances!