v f articulation

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by Cardigan Speech

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Subjects: articulation

Grades: 0

Description: Target f and v articulation at the phoneme and word levels using this drill and practice articulation activity. Students will review the production of /s and z/ using the placement cues and visuals on the "phoneme level" card. /f/ or /v/ in the initial, medial, and final positions will then be selected. Students will drag the check mark to the number to mark that trial completed. Each phoneme (/f/ and /v/) allows for 150 trials at the word level and 5 trials at the phoneme level. that's 310 trials in this deck! This z and s articulation activity is great for: • Pairing with games • 5-7 minute rapid speech sessions. • Data collection An audio cue is provided on each card with the sound or word. Students can use the recording feature on the card to record themselves, play back, and self monitor. Cards appear without words to accompany with the picture, however, by simply clicking, the word will appear.