Beginning Alphabet Letter Sounds and Letter Recognition

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by Tammy's Toolbox

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Subjects: ela,reading,foundationalSkills,phonologicalAwareness,phonics,readingSkills

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: Space Explorers is the ultimate digital resource for mastering letter recognition and letter sounds! Practice phonemic awareness and phonics skills using the science of reading-aligned, multisensory methods. 29 Boom Task Cards practice consonants and short vowels with sound and animation. Here's what makes this set out-of-this-world: • Match the Sounds: Sharpen those auditory skills! Children will hear a letter sound, see the corresponding letter, and practice writing it on the screen with the draw feature – all while having a blast with our engaging space theme. • A-Z Adventure: Travel through the alphabet, one letter at a time! Each card features a captivating space scene with a hidden alien. Kids will use their knowledge of letter sounds and recognition to choose the correct picture and find the alien. • Multisensory Learning: We've combined auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning to create a dynamic experience. • Science of Reading Aligned Fun: Developed with the science of reading in mind, these Boom Cards provide a powerful foundation for future reading success. • Perfect Companion: These cards seamlessly integrate with any reading intervention program and serve as a fantastic complement to a sound wall. Learning has never been so much fun! This set is perfect for: • Pre-Kindergarten • Kindergarten • Special Education • Homeschool Get ready for liftoff! Add Space Explorers: Letter Sounds & Recognition Boom Cards to your learning kit today!