Valentines Escape Room: Social Skills & Conflict Resolution

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by Box of OT

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Subjects: ot,specialed,autism,Special Autism,sel,valentinesDay,games

Grades: 6,7,8,9

Description: Looking for a fun social skills game to practice conflict resolution and compromising? This Escape Room Social Skills game is designed to challenge and develop social skills in a fun and interactive way. The child's mission is to read social scenarios and answer multiple choice questions to unlock clues. WHAT'S INCLUDED: 49 escape room slides Clues in the form of poems Social Scenario Questions based around Valentines day (non-romantic relationships) REASONS YOU NEED THIS AMAZING PRODUCT: It’s a time saver – simply login and go! NO PREP! Photos - maximize visual learning styles Target's skills your students need! Its so much fun! HOW TO USE THIS RESOURCE: Explicit Teaching Large and Small Group Work Independent Practice Social Skills Groups Social Emotional Learning Activities