Converting Customary Units of Length, Weight, and Volume

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by Sheila Cantonwine

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Subjects: mathElementary

Grades: 4,5

Description: Your students will love this comprehensive set of 31 Boom Cards designed to master converting customary units of length, weight, and volume. These cards align seamlessly with Common Core Standards 4.MD.A.1 and 5.MD.A.1. They are perfect for fourth and fifth-grade students who are learning the topic and middle-school students who need review. The first card features the customary measurements for easy reference. Cards 2-11 are multiple-choice. Cards 12-21 are drag and drop Cards 22-31 ask students to type the correct answer Key Features: 1. Standard-Aligned Mastery: Specifically crafted to address the requirements of Common Core Standards 4.MD.A.1 and 5.MD.A.1, these Boom Cards ensure your students develop a strong foundation in converting customary units of length, weight, and volume. 2. Interactive Learning: Each card is a mini-lesson in itself, employing a variety of interactive elements such as multiple-choice questions, drag and drop activities, and fill in the blanks. This multi-sensory approach keeps students actively engaged and enhances comprehension. 3. Differentiated Difficulty: Catering to diverse learning needs, the questions are strategically differentiated. As students progress, the difficulty level increases, allowing for a gradual and confidence-building learning curve. Whether your students are just starting or aiming for mastery, these cards adapt to their individual pace.