Phonics Passage: r-Controlled Vowels: ere, ear, eer

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by Apple Girl Amber

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 1,2,3

Description: This deck increases phonics and spelling skills by teaching the phonics pattern through a decodable passage. The phonics passage contains an audio recording for beginning readers. Students build fluency by reading the text three times and then complete a series of comprehension, vocabulary, and phonics questions. At the end of the text, Students sequence the story and sort story words by the phonics pattern. Phonics Wonders 2nd Grade: Unit 4 Week 4: r-Controlled Vowels: ere, ear, eer This deck of 20 cards requires no prep and is self-checking. This set was designed for beginning readers who are learning to read decodable text. Created by ©AppleGirlAmber (Amber Davis) 2021