Myofunctional Therapy Exercises

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by Juniper Speech Therapy

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Subjects: articulation

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Description: Using my experience in treating Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders, I have created this BOOM Card Deck of Myofunctional Therapy exercises and activities to share with other licensed and qualified professionals. This is a thorough, but not exhaustive, list of tongue, lip, breathing and swallowing exercises. Myofunctional Therapy involves changing habits and strengthening muscles to improve the way we breathe, speak, and swallow. The exercises included in this BOOM Card Deck target the main goals of Myofunctional Therapy, which include tongue function, lip seal, nasal breathing, and correct swallow pattern. This BOOM Card Deck includes: - Examples of Myofunctional Therapy goals - Tongue Exercises - Lip Exercises - Breathing Exercises - Swallowing Exercises A Myofunctional Therapy plan should be unique to each client's needs. Please identify the exercises and the practice frequency that are appropriate for your client's specific goals and create an individualized treatment plan. Blank cards are included to add additional exercises. It is recommended that these exercises be used as part of a treatment plan that is implemented by a qualified and licensed professional. If you are concerned about your child's oral development, breathing, or swallowing, please seek out a comprehensive Myofunctional Evaluation. Disclaimer: The exercises in this packet are in no way considered to be medical advice or intended to cure or prevent any disease, symptom or condition.