Coloring In Beginning Sounds

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by Mme Casey

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Subjects: art,ela,games,writing,speakingListening

Grades: 1,2

Description: "Enhance your students' phonics skills and creativity with this engaging Boom Card activity designed for grade 1-2 students. In this interactive deck, students will not only practice identifying beginning sounds but also reinforce their spelling and coloring abilities. Through a series of interactive slides, students can click on the speaker icon to listen to the word being pronounced. Next, they will type out the word below the picture, reinforcing their spelling and vocabulary skills. Finally, students will use the coloring feature to color in the first letter of the word in the color of their choosing, combining phonics practice with artistic expression. This versatile Boom Deck is ideal for both in-class and remote learning environments, offering a fun and interactive way for students to reinforce their understanding of beginning sounds while also honing their typing and coloring skills. Encourage creativity and literacy development with the 'Coloring in Beginning Sounds' Boom Deck today!" -- I am pleased to offer this complimentary Boomâ„¢ Card for your educational use. If you find this resource, or any other Boomâ„¢ Cards from our collection, to be beneficial for your classroom or home learning environment, we kindly invite you to share your feedback and leave a review. Your input is greatly valued and assists us in developing additional interactive and educational resources that support you and your students in achieving academic success. Thank you for your support.