SURPRISE EGGS Open Ended Scenes

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by Meredith Taylor SLP

Price: 700 points or $7 USD

Subjects: ela,easter,vocabAcquisitionAndUse,eslVocab,receptiveLanguage,earlyIntervention,expressiveLanguage

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: Surprise Eggs: Open Ended Game - 21 Categories, including: puppies, kittens, birds, turtles, bunnies, mice, monkeys, bears, polar bears, whales, penguins, dinosaurs, narwhals, unicorns, yetis, as well as a school theme, jungle theme, farm theme, desert theme, and a playdough page. Pop the tops off each toy capsule to open the surprise and hear a satisfying "POP" noise. Move the items to the scene on the page. There are different surprises/scenes on every one of the 21 pages! Click the HOME button to go back to the main CATEGORIES page to try a new board (by opening the top of the animal/scene and clicking on the item to jump to that particular page) or scroll through the deck by using the animated arrows to advance to the next page or reverse to the previous page. The deck is AMUSING and EASY for even the youngest kiddos to use - good for in-person learning, sharing your screen during e-learning -- and simple enough for parents to try out with their child at home. Use by itself as a language lesson - or as an open-ended motivator to pair with other activities. 'Stack' and count the tops and bottoms. Name the colors of the bottoms. Label the animals. The possibilities for learning applications are endless! Thank you! ~Meredith Taylor, the SLP on TPT