Monster Prepositions Back to School FREEBIE! UD24

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by Sparkle Speechie

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Subjects: speech,specialed

Grades: 13,1,2,3,4

Description: Drag & Drop cards with accurate and clear: "in," "on," "behind"," "in front of," "over," "under," and "next to," with a bonus deck of "where" questions with prepositions. 3-D style graphics effectively translate spatial concepts to the screen. When we say this is a "monster deck," we aren't kidding! The full paid version contains a total of 80 interactive task cards in 7 categories. Most are self-correcting and include text read aloud for independent practice. MONSTER PREPOSITIONS is really 7 decks in one! This free Lucky Monster Prepositions deck contains a usable sample card of each type, plus 10 "where's Dave" question cards themed for Back to School. If you enjoy it, please leave feedback and Check out the whole family of thoughtfully designed monster decks today! GUESS MY MONSTER- an interactive "guess who" style game, perfect for telepractice groups. FIND A MONSTER 1- Understanding language concepts; self-correcting, with text read aloud. FIND A MONSTER 2- Follow complex directions with language concepts, including conditional statements and negation. Self-correcting with text read aloud. MAKE A MONSTER- Three Games in one! All the fun of a potato head type game, a barrier game with correct answers given, and a "what's missing" notice-and-describe game.