Color by Bass Clef Notes Music Spelling - Winter Polar Bear

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by Melody Payne - Music for a Lifetime

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Subjects: music,musicPiano,musicElementarySkills,firstDayOfWinter,musicBand,musicChoir,musicOrchestra

Grades: 1,2,3,4

Description: Bass clef notes are fun to review with this color by code activity! 25 winter-themed coloring music task cards help students review bass clef notes by identifying music spelling words on the bass staff. Students will identify the musical spelling word and click or tap the correct answer to color the winter scene. All words have 3 or 4 letters. The sections on each slide fill in automatically when the student selects the correct answer and progresses to the next slide. Terrific for online piano lessons, music class, music theory class, group piano, distance learning, music centers, and much more!