Describing with Semantic Features: Food

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by We Love Speech

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Subjects: speech,specialed

Grades: 2,3,4,5,6

Description: Help your students learn the strategy of asking themselves questions about words to organize and come up with pieces of information. They will then use the information to define words. This is a research based activity that helps with vocabulary learning, organization, and word retrieval. This set contains ten target words (all foods) for your students to define and describe. Each target word has two slides; one for your students to type all of their information about the target word and one for your student to take that information and put it into a definition (a ___ is a ___ that ___). Real photographs are included for each target word to keep your students engaged and activate their knowledge. For a deck that models and teaches your students how to use the self-questioning strategy, see my other decks (Semantic Features: Concrete Nouns, Semantic Features: Abstract Nouns, Semantic Features: Verbs, and Semantic Features: Adjectives). All of these same food target words are included in my larger deck: Describing with Semantic Features: Nouns Set 1