Represent Data on a stem-and-leaf plot -Set 2

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by Aprende con Ame and Puzzlelito

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Subjects: math

Grades: 3,4

Description: STEM-AND-LEAF - Set 2 (description below bundles) 4th-grade growing bundle --> Search YIEB in the Boom store. Represent/Interpret data bundle --> Search YIEDATAB Represent/Data decks ---> Search YIEDATA This is how I use sets 1 and 2 in my classroom with great success. Mini-lesson Set 1 - I guide my mini-lesson based on my Boomcards, then they take SET 1, and then students choose a partner to go over the cards that they got wrong. I do small groups with my students that got the most wrong. I let them self-correct for about 30 minutes and take notes about their mistakes, and they take notes that can be used in set 2 (optional). Set 2 - I lock it so they can only take it 1 time (this way they don't rush or guess. (optional). I use the result as a grade. As always I mix the way students answer -Drag and Drop -True or false -Fill in the blank -Multi-choice Skills included Plots with whole numbers, decimals, and fractions Lowest and greatest data point How to identify the number of data points (counting the leaves) Identify a whole number in a fraction plot -> 4 | 0/2 = 4 Create a stem-and-leaf plot among others. Yours in Education, Amelyza MG