St Patricks Sensory Bin for Apraxia Early Syllable Shapes

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by Speech Path to Success

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Subjects: ela,phonology,speech,apraxia,articulation,earlyIntervention,expressiveLanguage

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: Target CV, VC, CVCV (reduplicated) CV1CV2, C1V1C2V2, CVC bilabial assimilation, CVC tip-alveolar assimilation, CVCVCV simple polysyllabics, C1V1C2V2 plus CVC syllable shapes with these snowy sensory bins. Also included is a feed the leprechaun free play activity. Each sensory bin is filled with clovers. Drag them out to reveal target words for the syllable shape you select. There is one page for each syllable shape with 8-10 targets (with the exception of CV, CV1CV2 which have 2 pages due to multiple targets). After each activity, there is a feed the leprechaun reward activity. The target words utilized in this deck follow the Kaufman kit 1 for apraxia. They are carefully selected words based on their phonemic complexity. a menu, navigation buttons, and target word lists are included on the cards for your convenience