Alphabet Hunt: Find the H Word

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by Small Town Speech

Price: 150 points or $1.5 USD

Subjects: ela

Grades: 14,13

Description: Working on letter sounds is a necessary foundational skill... but it can be hard to find fun and engaging ways to do this with young learners. This activity is designed to fix just that problem! Apply what your students are learning regarding letter sounds from your lessons with this engaging activity! This deck contains 11 cards. Students will practice saying each word aloud and then clicking the word that starts with the H sound from three clear picture options. This activity is deal whether you are using it for whole class lessons, assigning for homework, having students log in and do it together as a class, or using for online learning. Audio is recorded both reading the instructions and to help identify the pictures on each card should the student need assistance. The card randomization feature is turned off for this deck so that you can work through this activity together and all students see the same cards in the same order. However, the answer options are randomized so they will reposition each time the deck is played. This deck is self-grading so you will instantly have student results reported. How do I use this activity? I love using this to review what sound H makes after reading the H alphabet book from my favorite alphabet series. I personally use Alpha Tales but you can pair it with whatever alphabet series you like! Don't forget to check out the bundle to save!