Fry Sight Words- Set 2- #2- Valentine Theme

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by Small Town Speech

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: Working on sight words? You're in the right place! This deck is for targeting Fry Sight Words Set 2. This is the second of four decks for the set 2 words. Sight words are words that do not follow the rules of spelling and need to be remembered because decoding them can be difficult. This deck includes 25 words and one instruction card. Each of the 25 sight word cards has 1 sight word and an audio button. Student's are instructed to read the sight word and then press the green button on the right to go to the next word. However, if they do not know the word or want to check if they are correct there is an audio button reading the sight word on each card. The instruction card also has an audio button reading the instructions which makes this resource perfect for emerging readers.