Representing Numbers 1-10: Match the Number

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by Mme Casey

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Subjects: games,math,mathElementary

Grades: 1,2

Description: Introducing "Representing Numbers 1-10: Match the Numbers with Tiki the Monkey," an exciting Boom Card deck perfect for grade 1-2 students and teachers! In this interactive and engaging activity, students will embark on a colorful journey alongside our playful friend Tiki the Monkey, as they strengthen their number recognition and representation skills. With beautifully designed cards, students will have the opportunity to match numbers 1 to 10 with their corresponding representations, including ten frames, tally marks, fingers, and more. They'll explore different ways numbers can be shown, building a solid foundation in number sense. Designed for digital learning, this Boom Card deck offers instant feedback, keeping students motivated and on track. Teachers will appreciate the ease of use and the ability to customize activities to meet their students' diverse needs. Whether used for whole-class instruction, small groups, or independent practice, this resource provides flexibility and convenience. Watch as your students' confidence grows and their mathematical skills flourish while having a blast with Tiki the Monkey. Get ready to dive into the world of number representation with "Representing Numbers 1-10: Match the Numbers with Tiki the Monkey" Boom Card deck. Let the matching and learning begin!