Multiplication Facts Fluency Practice | Whole Class Activity

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by The Friday Afternoon Files

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Subjects: holiday,games,firstDayOfSpring,math,mathElementary,multiplicationAndDivision

Grades: 3,4

Description: A fun WHOLE CLASS activity just in time for Spring! Are you looking for a fun way to review multiplication facts with your class? Why not try a friendly little game of Multiplication Leap Frog! This deck contains 50+ frog-themed multiplication fact cards (no answers are provided) that you can project on the wall for a whole class activity (multiplication facts 1-9). It’s like giant flash cards…with a fun twist! As a class, you can choose to play the timeless classic game of “Around the World,” have students write answers on marker boards, or simply have students simply call out answers to each multiplication equation. The real fun begins when a random “LEAP FROG” card appears! When a “LEAP FROG” card is projected, everyone gets to stand up and jump (quietly and safely!) next to their desk, move over two seats, do a quiet happy dance, etc. to incorporate a little fun and movement into the facts review. You as the teacher get to decide what “LEAP FROG” looks like in your classroom depending on your students. 😀 (I always have students practice beforehand what we will do for Leap Frog and what it will look like and sound like. I tell them that frogs are fairly quiet creatures. Haha!) What’s included? *Title page *50 multiplication fact cards (1-9) with NO ANSWERS – think of them as flashcards you will project on the board *6 randomly shuffled LEAP FROG cards that encourage a bit of movement and fun into your review! 3.OA.C.7 Fluently multiply and divide within 100