Apraxia Word Kit Simple Bisyllabic Words

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by mauslp

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Subjects: speech,apraxia

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: This Apraxia Word Kit Simple Bisyllabic Words deck targets the production of simple bisyllabic words in children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech. The words in Set 1 primarily consist of the early developing sounds (/m, p, b, t, d, n, h/), which have been systematically arranged in increasing levels of difficulty. The following syllable shapes are targeted hierarchically: Vowels (V) Diphthongs (VV) Isolated consonants (C) CVCV (repetitive syllables) CV VCV VC CV1CV2 (repetitive syllables with vowel change) CVC assimilation - oral placement focus - initial consonant focus - final consonant focus C1V1C2V2 (bisyllabics) C1V1C2V2 + CV/CVC (bisyllabic phrases) CVCVCV / VCVCV (polysyllabics) This Boom Learning deck specifically targets the articulation of simple bisyllable words through a fun articulation game. There are 20 words in total. Common words are included. *Please note that some words included here may be simplified / approximated according to the child's current level of functioning. **A printable version of this kit is available in my TPT store.