Counting Fireworks 0-20 - NYE Kindergarten Boom Cards K.CC.A

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by Monday Morning Resources

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Subjects: math,specialed,counting,cardinality,holiday,newYear

Grades: 14,13

Description: Counting Fireworks 0-20 - NYE Kindergarten Boom Cards Counting Fireworks 0-20 is a wonderful addition to your Kindergarten Math Boom Cards for the New Year. The deck is bright and colourful without being distracting from the task being taught. The deck has 33 cards which are randomised so that students need to count rather than recognise the pattern and guess what number comes next. This is an Australian Made Resource and is aligned to Foundation year of the Australian Curriculum (ACMNA002). This deck is also aligned to Common Core Standards: K.CC.A.1 K.CC.B.5 K.CC.B.4 This Digital deck will benefit you and your students if: • Need prep free resources • Need resources which can be used on digital platforms. • Identify and recognise numbers up to 20. • Looking for engaging resources for the New Year period. • Want to go paperless. I am confident your students will enjoy this resource.