Speech-i-Doo - Winter Vocabulary Digital Cariboo - Speech - Language

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by Speech it Simple

Price: 200 points or $2 USD

Subjects: speech,specialed,communicationSkills,developmentalSkills

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: **See Directions Below Description** Inspired by every SLP's favorite game, Speech-i-Doo is a fun, interactive way to engage your students in virtual or in-person learning! 3 different ball placements to keep your students guessing and engaged. This version features 24 different Winter Themed Targets: - hot cocoa, pine tree, sweater, penguin, snowing, snowman, skis, snow shovel, hat, mountains, cabin, marshmallow, scarf, ice skates, earmuffs, icicles, thermometer, sled, snowball, snow fort, mittens, snowflake, log, boot HOW TO PLAY: 1) Drag and drop balls into any of the 4 gray 'holes' at the top of the game board. 2) Move each picture card by dragging and dropping them in the 'Discard' area. 3) When you find a ball, drag and drop it into the gray 'hole' in the dark blue side-bar below the treasure chest. 4) Click on the small circle in the dark blue side-bar area that matches the ball colors as you find them. 5) When all 5 balls have been found, move the treasure chest aside to reveal the treasure! NOTE: There are 6 different cards in this game - 3 different ball placements across 24 targets. This way you can play consecutive games and students won't know where the balls are located. If you have any questions or difficulty with game play, please email me at bethany@speechitsimple.com!