Daily Language Grammar Review Spring/Weather: 3rd Grade

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by Stephanie Penn

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Subjects: holiday,ela,elaLanguage,elaLanguageGrammar,elaLanguageSpelling,firstDayOfSpring,weatherAndClimate

Grades: 3,4,5

Description: These spring weather- themed cards are the perfect April review! This product includes 5 weeks! Monday-Thursday students will receive 4 questions, each week reviewing four different concepts. Every Friday students will read a weather-themed reading passage and answer comprehension questions. This product is self-checking, other than a few written responses. This product reviews the following concepts: April Language Review: ⭐️Correct the Sentence ⭐️Analogies ⭐️Conjunctions ⭐️Homographs ⭐️Nouns (Proper, Common, Concrete & Abstract) ⭐️Irregular Plural Nouns ⭐️Homophones (to, too, two, There, Their, They’re) ⭐️Comparative & Superlative Adjectives ⭐️Prepositions ⭐️Abbreviations ⭐️Interjections ⭐️Contractions ⭐️Fact & Opinions Testing season is here! Get your students ready with this April Daily Language Review. Students can complete this review independently during centers, remediate in small groups, or project on the board for a whole class review!