Spelling Game Companion - Blends and Digraphs - 74 boards!

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by Little Speech Shop

Price: 500 points or $5 USD

Subjects: speech,ela,reading,foundationalSkills,phonics

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: When it comes to practicing reading, there are so many open-ended games that are great to use. All you need to go along with it is your reading targets! Benefits of the the Game Companion for Reading - Blends & Digraphs: - Turns any game into a spelling pattern-specific game - Time-saver - Multiple ways to use the Companion and make it exciting for your clients each time you use it Included: 24 boards for Initial Blends (bl-, br-, cl- cr-, dr-, fl-, fr-, gl-, gr-, pl-, pr-, sc-, sk-, sl-, sm-, sn-, sp-, st-, sw-, tr-, dw-/tw-, Mixed 1, Mixed 2, Mixed 3) 26 boards for Final Blends (-ct, -ft, -lb/-lm/-lf, -ld, -lk, -lp/-pt, -lt, -mp, -nd, -nk, -nt, -ng, -rd, -rf/-rl, -rk, -rm, -rn, -rp, -rt, -sk, -sp, -st, Mixed 1, Mixed 2, Mixed 3, Initial and Final Blends) 14 boards for Digraphs (sh-, -sh, th-, -th, ch-, -ch, -tch, -ch/-tch, wh-, gh, ph, Mixed Initial, Mixed Final. Mixed Digraphs) 6 boards for Blends and Digraphs (Mixed 1, Mixed 2, Mixed 3, Initial Digraph & Final Blend, Initial Blend & Final Digraph, Mixed Blend and Digraph) 4 boards for 3 letter blends (scr-/spr-, spl-/str-, thr-/shr, squ-) This companion acts as a word list for your spelling targets. Each card contains 12 targets. Click the number to reveal the picture. Spell the word. for the picture Click the picture to reveal the correct spelling of the word. Drag out the "Word List" tab to view the words on the page