'S', 'R' and 'L' Clusters Build-a-Racing Car Digital Learning Game for Speech Therapy

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by Parker Speech Pathology

Price: 400 points or $4 USD

Subjects: speech

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: Practice 's', 'l' and 'r' blends/clusters with this digital activity through Boom Cards™. Build-a-Racing Car while producing lots of repetitions of your target clusters! This deck is designed to be used in speech therapy sessions or sent home with families to practice their target sounds at home! This is a digital resource and requires an internet connection to play. What's Included: The deck consists of 21 cards and targets cluster reduction with 19 different clusters/blends: - 's' blends: 'sm', 'sn', 'st', 'sp', 'sk', 'sl', 'sw' - 'r' blends: 'pr', 'br', 'cr', 'gr', 'tr', 'dr', 'fr' - 'l' blends: 'pl', 'bl', 'cl', 'gl', 'fl' As well as targeting speech sounds, this Build-a-Racing Car deck can also be used to work on language skills: - Describe each racing car as you make them - Check a child's vocab with the 's', 'r' or 'l' blend target words - Talk about what is similar and different - Learn basic concepts Build-A-Car is great fun for kids of all ages and will keep them engaged in therapy or practice sessions so you can get a large number of repetitions in!