Building with 3D Objects

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by Mme Casey

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Subjects: games,math,mathElementary,geometry,shapes

Grades: 1,2

Description: "Building with 3D Objects" is an exciting Boom deck designed for students in grades 1-2 to enhance their spatial reasoning and geometry skills. In this interactive learning game, students will have fun recreating 3D objects displayed on the left side of the screen by assembling corresponding shapes on the right. As they progress through the deck, the complexity of the 3D objects increases, challenging students to think critically and problem-solve. This engaging activity helps students develop their understanding of shapes, spatial relationships, and visualization skills while having a blast building and creating in a digital environment. Get ready to explore and build with "Building with 3D Objects"! ------ NS Curriculum Outcomes: G02 ------ Common Core State Standards: 1.G.A.2