Where Questions | Prepositions and Spatial Concepts on the Farm

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by AmzSLP

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Subjects: ot,speech,specialed

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: Where Questions | Prepositions and Spatial Concepts in the Jungle Have your students practice answering where questions and improve their description skills using prepositions and spatial concepts. Great for virtual work! Have your students describe where each picture is. You can use choices if the task is too difficult (e.g. is the tiger in front of the rock or behind the rock?). Targets a variety of prepositions. Possible answers (12 cards): behind the fence in front of the hay in the mud/in the corner under/at the bottom of/by the tree next to the barn between the pigs on top of the coop next to the coop under the coop in/inside the coop next to/near the windmill next to the coop/on the ground