Virtual Grocery Shopping Interactive Activity - Level 1 - Set 1 SS

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by Adulting Made Easy (spedadulting)

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Subjects: math,specialed

Grades: 0

Description: SET 1 out of 5. An alternative for Community Based Instruction during distance learning, and for when you return to the classroom! This activity mimics a full grocery shopping experience to help students work on several basic shopping & money consumer math skills before applying them in the community. With US currency 5 different grocery shopping scenarios, each scenario covers: WHICH AISLE? - WITH VISUAL SHOPPING LIST Drag and drop the shopping basket in the correct aisle according to the items on the shopping list. FIND THE ITEMS- WITH VISUAL SHOPPING LIST Make a match by dragging and dropping the items from the shelf to the boxes on the shopping list. PUT THE ITEMS ON THE CONVEYOR BELT Drag and drop the items from the basket to the conveyor belt. WHAT IS THE TOTAL COST? Add the price of each item together to get a total. Drag and drop the correct answer to the cash register screen. PAY THE CASHIER Look at how much the cashier is asking for then drag and drop the correct number of dollar bills.