Groundhog Day Fun

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by Mme Casey

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Subjects: games,holiday,groundhogDay,reading,speakingListening,socialstudies

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Description: Step into the world of Groundhog Day with this interactive Boom Deck! Explore the captivating history of this ancient tradition, discovering its origins and cultural significance. Uncover a plethora of intriguing fun facts about groundhogs and their fascinating hibernation habits. Engage your creativity and style a groundhog for the season by placing the correctly dressed little critter into its proper scene. Test your knowledge with stimulating multiple-choice questions designed to challenge your understanding of Groundhog Day. Familiarize yourself with the famous names of prominent groundhogs, including Punxsutawney Phil and Wiarton Willie. Finally, embrace the excitement and make your own prediction about whether the groundhog will see its shadow or not. This Boom Deck blends history, education, creativity, and prediction to provide an entertaining and educational experience that will capture your imagination and make you a Groundhog Day expert!