Common Sounds Part 1: "I hear" activity

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by Smart.Way

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Subjects: speech,specialed

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: Introduce common sounds to preschool or special education students. All cards have auto-play sound. These sounds are included in this deck; 1. clapping 2. doorknock 3. baby crying 4. phone ringing 5. doorbell 6. bird chirping 7. footsteps 8. door closing 9. water dripping 10. clock ringing ***SEE VIDEO PREVIEW HERE*** Learn section: Each sound is introduced with an image 1 on each page with auto-audio play. Quiz: 2 choices: In this section 2 choice cards are given where a sound is played automatically and the student has to select 1 out of 2 pictures. Quiz 3 choices: Same as above with 3 choices. Quiz 4 choices: same as above with 4 choices. Quiz 6 choices: same as above with 6 choices. Cards are not randomized to keep them in the correct order. It is a great activity for special education and preschool students for introducing the common sounds and to enhance listening skills.