Solve the Maze with Articulation of /k/

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by Suddenly TeleSLP

Price: 195 points or $1.95 USD

Subjects: speech

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: Address production of /k/ as the student finds their way through the mazes. Four unique mazes are included in the deck with more than 75 target words. The student "clicks" on each picture in the correct path from beginning to end, practicing production of /k/ along the way. Once the correct path is found, click on the submit button to check your answer. If the student selects images that are NOT in the correct path, the game will provide feedback, with incorrect images circled in red. Simply restart the game to try again, or skip ahead to the next maze. Additional maze games/products are in development. Like/follow Suddenly Tele-SLP on Facebook for new product notifications or FREEBIE alerts.