Chocolate Challenge: /p, b, m, n, t, d, k, g/

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by Speechin-n-Teachin

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Subjects: speech

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: Welcome to the Chocolate Challenge. An articulation and puzzle activity all in one! As you say each word, place the chocolates into the Valentine's day tin. Figure out how to fit ALL the chocolates into the tin, without them touching. Make sure the chocolates are covering each picture. Keep rearranging the chocolates and saying the target words until all 8 chocolates fit perfectly in the tin! This deck includes early developing sounds: /p/, /t/, /k/, /d/, /b/, /g/, /m/, and /n/ in the initial, medial, and final position. * Later developing sound deck and phonology decks will be available in my Boomstore soon!