Valentines Day Escape Room 3rd Grade Math Review

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by Curriculum Kingdom

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Subjects: math

Grades: 3

Description: This Valentine's Day escape room for 3rd grade gives you a fun and engaging math review option during February. In this activity, students are tasked with helping the cashier sort out the gifts and are presented with a series of challenge questions. They will answer challenge questions correctly to determine which child bought each gift, so that the kids in the story can take their gifts home. Standards covered: - Place Value to 10,000 - Expanded Form to 100,000 - Adding 3-Digit Numbers (3.NBT.2) - Subtracting 3-Digit Numbers (3.NBT.2) - Multiplying by Multiples of 10 (3.NBT.3) - Unknown Number in Multiplication (3.OA.4) - Unknown Number in Division (3.OA.4) - Equivalent Fractions (3.NF.3) - Comparing Fractions (3.NF.3)