Move Out the Way

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by mpad

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Subjects: speech

Grades: 15

Description: Students will tell various animals to move out of the way in order to clear the track for the train. After moving the animal out of the way, drag the train off the screen to make it go. Tip: Ask students if the train should go fast or slow! Other ways to use this resource: -Pretend the animals are stuck on the track and need help moving out of the way -Prepositions (e.g. The frog jumped on the train. The giraffe is in front of the train. The dog is under the train. The penguin is next to the train.) Target Words: train, track, move, go Target Phrases: Oh no! The [animal] is in the way! Get out of the way [animal]! Move [animal]! [Animal] you're in the way! All clear! The track is clear. Go train!