Common And Proper Nouns | Christmas Game

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by Firstieland

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Subjects: ela,elaLanguage,conventionsOfStandardEnglish,elaLanguageGrammar,holiday,christmas

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: Common And Proper Nouns In this deck, students learn the difference between a common and proper noun. Students will listen to the word or read the word and choose whether the word is a common or proper noun. This deck has a cute Christmas theme. This deck includes sound for each picture for non-readers. The pictures in this deck are randomized so children can play again and again with a new picture order each time. Ways To Use This Deck •Whole group instruction on your board •Whole group team games *Small group instruction •Learning Centers *Grammar intervention •Google classroom activities •Seesaw classroom activities •Distance or Hybrid Learning activities *Use this as a paperless alternative for practice *Use as an independent assessment for each student Be sure to check out my other resources for Kindergarten and First grade at my store: Firstieland