Build A story with Audio and Animated Gifs 16

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by Teachers Resource Store

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Subjects: ela,speakingListening,comprehensionAndCollaboration,englishSecondLanguage,reading,writing

Grades: 4,5,6,7

Description: Interactive Short Stories Animated Audio 3 Prepare your upper elementary students for an exciting language journey like never before with this interactive Short Stories which includes Animation & Audio Interactive Dialogues: Elevate your students speaking and listening skills with interactive dialogues. Your students will engage in conversations with animated characters, fostering communication abilities in a dynamic and enjoyable way. Reading Practice: Strengthen reading comprehension through story-related exercises. Your students will explore themes, characters, and plot development, enhancing their understanding of the written word. Writing Adventures: Cultivate creativity and writing skills with engaging prompts inspired by the stories. Your students will craft their narratives, building essential writing abilities.