ADHD- choose your own adventure.

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by Allentown SEL

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Subjects: sel,speech

Grades: 6,7,8,9,10

Description: Dive into the dynamic world of "Middle School Mayhem: Navigating ADHD and Impulsivity" with this interactive text adventure, tailor-made for 7th graders. Presented on user-friendly Boom Cards™, this resource offers an engaging and educational way for students to explore and manage ADHD and impulsivity in everyday school life. What Your Students Will Learn: Understand ADHD Triggers: Teach students to recognize and respond to common triggers in a middle school setting, fostering awareness and self-control. Connect Thoughts and Feelings: Students will learn to link their thoughts and feelings, promoting better self-understanding and emotional regulation. Consideration for Others: Encourage empathy and social mindfulness by simulating scenarios where students must think about the impact of their actions on others. Strategic Decision-Making: Engage students in making decisions that influence the storyline, helping them understand the consequences of impulsive actions versus thoughtful responses. Build Coping Strategies: Equip students with practical strategies to handle challenging situations, reducing impulsivity through guided interactive experiences. Enhance Social Skills: Through role-playing social interactions, students practice and improve crucial social skills within a safe and structured environment.