Avoid the Rotten Apple: Game for Articulation of "sh"

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by Suddenly TeleSLP

Price: 195 points or $1.95 USD

Subjects: speech,games,holiday,firstDayOfAutumn,articulation,phonology

Grades: 13,1,2,3,4

Description: "Rotten apple" games are available for the following phonemes: /r, l, s, z, p, b, m, h, w, n, f, v, t, d, k, g/, “y, ng, sh, ch, j, th” and blends. Additionally, decks are available for phonological processes, including: cluster reduction, velar fronting, stopping, pre-vocalic voicing, final consonant deletion, and gliding. Bundles for each offer 40% savings. Collect as many "good apples" as you can while practicing production of "sh." Watch out for the rotten apple! Step 1: Determine who will be player 1 and player 2. Step 2: Player 1 selects images from the bucket of water and practices production of the word. Each time player 1 selects a word, they move that image to the discard pile with leaves. Step 3: Player 1 moves any "good apples" (red or green) to their basket. Play continues until they discover the rotten apple. It is then Player 2's turn. Step 4: Player 2 takes their turn, selecting and naming pictures, moving them to the discard pile, and collecting "good apples" until the rotten one is found. Step 5: At the end of the game, go back and count the number of apples each player collected to see who won. Important note!!! You must select the skip button throughout the game to go back and count apples. Otherwise, you'll need to keep score as you go along. Like/follow Suddenly Tele-SLP on Facebook for new product notifications and freebie alerts.